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Good Practice Guide for the adaptation of the Eleonora’s falcon to climate change (EN, EL, FR)

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Notice boards: Dionysades islets, Antikythera, Makares islets


Environmental Education material (in Greek)

Novella “Mavro-Petros” (in Greek)


 Instructions for avoidance of rat reintroduction to islets




Technical reports

Action A2. Final Report – Update of the species baseline information

Action A3. Final Report – Assessment of refueling pattern of migratory passerines on Antikythira

Actions A4. Final Report – Identification and quality assessment of foraging grounds during the breeding and wintering period (Summary)






International workshop results, 2015


Poster HELECOS, 2016: “Foraging of Eleonora’s Falcon during the pre-breeding period: preliminary results from the island of Antikythera” (in Greek)


Poster Island Invasives Conference, 2017: “Improving nesting habitats for the Eleonora’s Falcon and seabirds”


Poster SETAC, 2018: “Monitoring Eleonora’s falcon conservation status both at its breeding and non-breeding grounds, using biological (stress indices) and environmental data.”


Poster IEOC, 2018: “Genotoxicity in free-living birds: Detecting nuclear and cytoplasmic abnomalities in the red blood cells of two trans-equatorial migrants that have just arrived to Europe to breed.”


Poster 40th EEBE, 2018: “Detection of cytonuclear abnormalities and parasites in the red blood cells of two trans-equatorial migratory birds in a staging area on the Antikythira island.”


Poster HELECOS, 2018: “The ecology of the Eleonora’s falcon at the breeding areas: space usage patterns at Antikythira” (in Greek)


Paper: C.Kassara, L.Gangoso, U.Mellone, G.Piasevoli, T.G.Hadjikyriakou, N.Tsiopelas, S.Giokas, P. Lopez-Lopez, V.Urios, J.Figuerola, R.Silva, W.Bouten, A.N.G. Kirshel, M.Z., Virani, W.Fielder, R.Berthold, M.Gschwerg, 2017. Current and future suitability of wintering grounds for a long-distance migratory raptor. Scientific Reports, 7:8798

Presentation 14th ICZEGAR, 2019 (Abstract): N. Tsiopelas, C. Barboutis, E. Navarrete, E. Kakalis, S. Giokas “Creation of a high-quality stopover habitat for migrating passerines on a remote island: A case study of good agricultural practices for tackling climate change and land-abandonment impacts on avifauna.”

Presentation 14th ICZEGAR, 2019 (Abstract): T.G. Hadjikyriakou, C. Kassara, L.-A. Rene de Roland, S. Giokas, N. Tsiopelas, A. Evangelidis, R. Thorstrom, A.N.G. Kirschel, “Fine-scale habitat use evaluation and threat assessment for a long-distance migratory raptor at its wintering grounds: the case of Eleonora’s Falcon in Madagascar”

Presentation 14th ICZEGAR, 2019 (Abstract): J. Fric, A. Evangelidis, T. Dimalexis, N. Tsiopelas, S. Xirouchakis, C. Kassara, S. Giokas, “Enhancing the adaptation of the Eleonora’s Falcon to climate change by improving its nesting habitat quality”

Presentation 14th ICZEGAR, 2019 (Abstract): C. Kassara, A. Evangelidis, N. Tsiopelas, S. Giokas, “Movement ecology of Eleonora’s falcon at its breeding grounds: revealing foraging patterns and identifying threats with the use of GPS telemetry”

Paper: C. Kassara, K. Bairakataridou, E. Kakalis, N. Tsiopelas, S. Giokas and C. Barboutis, 2019. Activity patterns of Eleonora’s Falcons during the pre-breeding period: the role of habitat composition on the island of Antikythira, Avocetta, V.43, N.1

Paper: V.Tsarpali, C.Kassara, C.Barboutis, M.Papadimitraki, M.Kloukinioti, S.Giokas, S.Dailianis, 2019. Assessing the seasonal and intrinsic variability of neurotoxic and cyto-genotoxic biomarkers in blood of free-living Eleonora’s falcons. Science of the Total Environment.