Results – Statements

Communication material 

Project Leaflet


Falco eleonorae Infographic

Notice boards: Dionysades islets, Antikythera, Makares islets


Environmental Education material (in Greek)

Novella “Mavro-Petros” (in Greek)




Technical reports

Action A2. Final Report – Update of the species baseline information

Action A3. Final Report – Assessment of refueling pattern of migratory passerines on Antikythira

Actions A4. Final Report – Identification and quality assessment of foraging grounds during the breeding and wintering period (Summary)






International workshop results, 2015

Poster HELECOS, 2016: “Foraging of Eleonora’s Falcon during the pre-breeding period: preliminary results from the island of Antikythera” (in Greek)

Poster Island Invasives Conference, 2017: “Improving nesting habitats for the Eleonora’s Falcon and seabirds”

Poster SETAC, 2018: “Monitoring Eleonora’s falcon conservation status both at its breeding and non-breeding grounds, using biological (stress indices) and environmental data.”

Poster IEOC, 2018: “Genotoxicity in free-living birds: Detecting nuclear and cytoplasmic abnomalities in the red blood cells of two trans-equatorial migrants that have just arrived to Europe to breed.”