Project Actions

During the project the following actions will be implemented in six study areas, namely (i) Antikythira and islets Prasonisi, Lagouvardos, Plakoulithra and Himonies, Gramvousa and islets Imeri kai Agria Gramvousa, and Pontikonisi (ii) Dionysades (iii) Tilos and islets Antitilos, Pelekousa, Gaidouronisi, Giakoumi, Agios Andreas (iv) Mikres Kyklades (Irakleia,Makares, Mikros and Megalos Avelas, Venetiko) (v) Skyros (Mountain Kochylas) and Islets of Skyros (vi) Islets of Limnos (Sergitsi, Diavates, Kompio, Kastria, Tigani, Karkalas, Prasonisi). These areas host about 30% of the total breeding population of the species in Greece. Therefore, the actions described below are expected to have a significant impact on the conservation and protection status of the species in Greece.

  1. Preparatory actions aiming to (a) implementation of population census and monitoring of breeding performance in selected breeding colonies to acquire baseline information for the interventions at the Eleonora’s Falcon target colonies (b) assessment of the refueling pattern and habitats for migratory passerines on Antikythira in order to optimize the creation of the refueling area (c) identification and quality assessment of the Eleonora’s Falcon foraging areas in the breeding and wintering areas, including the assessment of threats (d) preparation of operational plans for concrete conservation actions.
  2. Concrete conservation actions aiming to (a) improvement of nesting habitat quality and species breeding success through rat eradication operations in selected breeding colonies (b) creation of artificial, well-sheltered nests in selected breeding colonies in order to increase nest quality and availability at optimal nesting sites, and (c) plantation of fruit trees and bushes in important passerine stopover areas in the vicinity of the target species’ breeding colonies in order to improve body condition and availability of target species prey.
  3. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions aiming to the scientific monitoring and assessment of (a) the progress and effectiveness of the concrete conservation actions and (b) the socio-economic impact generated by the implementation of the program at local level, as well as at ecosystem services.
  4. Public awareness and dissemination actions aiming to (a) implementation of a public awareness campaign to promote the species, insular biodiversity and related Natura 2000 network (press releases, dissemination to the media, leaflets, posters, environmental education kit) (b) dissemination of project results and exchange of knowledge and expertise with other members of the international scientific community (participation in international/nationwide conferences, organizing workshops) and (c) improvement of the conservation status of the species globally in relation to the impact climate change (production and promote of a Good Practice Guide to organizations and local actors).


Namely, the actions of the project are the following:

Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

A.1. Operational planning for concrete conservation actions

A.2. Update of the species baseline information

A.3. Assessment of refueling pattern of migratory passerines on Antikythira

A.4. Identification and quality assessment of foraging grounds during the breeding and wintering period

B. Purchase/lease of land and/or compensation payments for use rights

B.1. Purchase of land for the creation of “refueling oases” for migrating passerines

C. Concrete conservation actions

C.1. Rat eradication operations for the improvement of nesting habitat quality for Eleonora’s Falcon

C.2. Increase of nesting habitat availability for Eleonora’s falcon with the use of artificial nests

C.3. Creation of “refueling oases” for migratory passerines on Antikythira Island

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (obligatory only if there are concrete conservation actions)

D.1. Scientific monitoring to assess the effectiveness of the concrete conservation actions

D.2. Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project actions

E. Public awareness and dissemination of results (obligatory)

E.1. Public awareness campaign

E.2. Project website

E.3. Workshop and conferences

E.4. Production of a Good Practice Guide for the adaptation of the Eleonora’s Falcon to the climate change

F. Overall project operation and monitoring of the project progress

F.1. Overall project coordination

F.2. Networking with other programmes

F.3. After LIFE Conservation Plan