Coordinating Beneficiary

Department of Biology, University of Patras


Associated Beneficiaries

Hellenic Ornithological Society




LIFE European Commission

The Green Fund


Relevant websites of the European Commission

Natura network

Life Nature


EE Directorate-General for the Environment


EE Nature and Biodiversity


Natura viewer


ΕΚΒΥ (Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre)



Research Institutions, Public Bodies and Organizations

Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Birdlife International

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

BirdLife Cyprus


Related LIFE projects

Conservation Measures for Falco eleonorae in Greece (LIFE 03NAT/GR/000091)

Tilos-Conservation Management of an island Special Protected Area (LIFE04NAT/GR/101)

Demonstration of the Biodiversity Action Planning approach, to benefit local biodiversity on an Aegean island, Skyros (LIFE09 NAT/GR/000323)

Management of the SPA site of Andros Island to achieve a Favourable Conservation Status for its priority species (LIFE10 NAT/GR/000637)