Tracing the whereabouts of Eleonora’s falcon in the Mediterranean

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With the support of Natura 2000 awards the LIFE ElClimA project team intensifies its efforts in the study the Eleonora’s falcon movements in the Mediterranean. Until now with the use of GPS transmitters four Eleonora’s falcons pertaining to the wider area of Antikythira island have been recruited in order to gather valuable information as regards the foraging and roosting places they prefer prior to the onset of the breeding period. The species’ pre-breeding period is unique, lasting ca 2 months (from mid April when the first falcons arrive from Africa until mid July when the breeding period starts) and involves a broad geographical area in the Mediterranean.


With the support of the money prize received thanks to the project nomination in the Natura 2000 awards in 2022, the project team affixed a new GPS transmitter on a female falcon named Toula, which together with Takis and another two falcons, Tina and Sifis, participate in the new monitoring project for Eleonora’s falcon carried out by the Hellenic Ornithological Society in collaboration with the Department of Biology of the University of Patras.


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4_Falco_eleonorae Sifis Tina F.eleonorae