A celebration for Eleonora’s Falcon on Skyros Island

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The two-day event organized by the LIFE ElClimA Program in cooperation with the Municipality of Skyros and the support of the Natura 2000 Awards was successfully held on the weekend, July 8 and 9, on Skyros Island.

On Saturday morning, in the City Hall of Skyros, the LIFE ElClimA project team gave presentations on the uniqueness of the biodiversity of Skyros and neighboring islands, as well as the contribution of LIFE programs to its promotion and protection, focusing on Eleonora’s Falcon, the emblematic species of the Aegean Sea. It was followed by a constructive discussion with the public with interventions from representatives of local government, national and international bodies regarding the challenges and opportunities for the future of the natural environment of the wider region of Skyros.

At the afternoon, in the central square of the Skyros Island, the Environmental Education Group of the Hellenic ORNITHOLOGICAL Society organized a children’s workshop on Eleonora’s Falcon & the nature of Skyros.

On Sunday morning, the LIFE ElClimA project team guided the public by sea to the colonies of Eleonora’s Falcon in southern Skyros!

The event took place on the occasion of awarding the LIFE ElClimA program (LIFE13 NAT/GR/000909) in the “Conservation on Land” category at the Natura 2000 Awards.

The European Commission has established the Natura 2000 Awards to celebrate and promote good nature conservation practices in Europe, rewarding excellence in the management and promotion of the Natura 2000 network, awareness and its benefits to European citizens.

We warmly thank all the participants and our young friends, as well as the Municipality of Skyros and the Natura 2000 Awards for their support!