The first resighting of a ringed Eleonora’s falcon at Antikythera Island!

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The 19th of August was a happy day for the ornithologists working at the island of Antikythera. The first Eleonora’s Falcon ringed during the project was observed! The adult female with the ring no 14, had been tagged on October 1st of 2016 at the exact same spot where it was resighted and photographed. During this last year, the falcon had travelled more than 15000km to Madagascar where the species overwinters and back. We hope that such important encounters will become a pleasant routine in the future, as the project continues its actions!

The ornithologists of the project with the support of the Antikythera Bird Observatory (ABO) have been tagging Eleonora’s Falcon in order to monitor the population that breeds on Antikythera Island. The birds are tagged with colored plastic rings that have a unique code, making each one of them easily identifiable. If you ever observe an Eleonora’s falcon with a colored ring (dark green with white digits) don’t hesitate to contact ElClimA project ( or the Hellenic Bird Ringing Center (