Final workshop of the project at the 14th ICZEGAR congress

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The final workshop of the project took place at the 14th International Congress on the Zoology and Ecology of Greece and Adjacent Regions (ICZEGAR) in Thessaloniki on June 30, which was attended by about 40 out of 180 congress participants.


A session of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of the LIFE ElClimA project result. The main conservation actions were presented, namely the rat eradication and the construction of artificial nests on islets in order to improve the conditions at the nesting areas, the creation of refueling oasis for passerines in order to increase the food availability, as well as the use of telemetry for the study of feeding patterns and for the identification of threats to the Eleonora’s falcons at their breeding sites. Furthermore, the results of the study on the use of habitats in Madagascar and the threats the species facing there were presented.


A round table entitled “Conservation measures & Good Practices to assist the Adaptation of Birds to Climate Change” was also held. The main subjects discussed concerned the strategy that should be followed on Eleonora’s falcon study and conservation the coming period, after the end of the second LIFE project for the species in Greece, the importance of migrating insects for the species, especially during the pre-breeding period and migration, the possibilities of the species to adapt to climate change as regards the changes that will occur in the breeding areas and in food availability, in case of shifts in passerine migration.


In the framework of the workshop, the Good Practice Guide for the adaptation of Eleonora’s falcon to climate change was presented, where methods to assist the species are proposed and practical information provided.


Summaries of presentations are available here and the Good Practice Guide here.


We thank the organizers of the congress for hosting the workshop!