Creating the “refueling oasis” on Antikythera Island

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During November and December, the largest and most important phase of the creation of the “refueling oasis for migratory passerines” was completed on Antikythera Island.

The team of HOS, with the help of volunteers and the invaluable help of local people, proceeded to the fencing of the land, the planting of 92 trees (olives, carobs, figs, etc.) and the sowing of 4.5 acres of land with grain and legumes.

In spring 2018, the farm will welcome birds migrating from Africa to Europe, offering significantly improved rest and feeding conditions in relation to previous years. The project ornithologists will be there to analyze the impact of habitat improvement on the ability of the migratory passerines to replenish their energy reserves, as well as on the expected increase in the total number of birds that will choose the “oasis” to refuel.

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