Building up cooperations

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The Life ElClima & the Life Natura 2000 Value Crete ( projects have recently signed a declaration of cooperation with the aim of exchanging knowledge, as well as disseminating their results to the general public regarding the protection and conservation of the natural environment within the NATURA 2000 protected areas network.

The project LIFE Natura 2000 Value Crete «The ecological services, social benefits and economic value of the ecosystem services in NATURA 2000 sites in Crete», aims to the design, development and implementation of an environmental awareness campaign targeted to specific stakeholders, but also to the broader local society of Crete, regarding the ecological, economic and social values of ecosystem services of the NATURA 2000 network in Crete. The main objectives of the environmental communication actions are the following:

– Provide information about the ecological significance of the NATURA 2000 sites for the conservation of biodiversity, the obligations that originate from the NATURA 2000 Network in all human activities taking place in non-urban zones, as well as the funding opportunities for the development of “green” economy in rural areas.

– Change the attitude of local societies regarding protected areas, so that these areas will not continue to be considered as an inhibitory factor but as a motive for sustainable local development.

– Provide targeted audiences (tourism professionals, media employees, students) with the appropriate skills to engage in biodiversity preservation and value environmental sustainability as a significant opportunity for local development.

Finally, the project aims to provide guidance to other NATURA 2000 site managers in Greece on how they can develop an information and communication strategy in other areas of NATURA 2000 Νetwork. A special Communication Guide will be publicized regarding the ecological, social and economic value of ecosystem services in the NATURA 2000 Network.